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Internet Music Publicist

I have a great opportunity here any for type of band or musician. An opportunity that is perfect for any DJ, Artist, Band or producer. Open to all genres of music and every region of the globe, this package will spread your music all over the Internet. Think of this package as a starter kit or booster kit. It's not going to make you famous or get you rich, but it will be one of the best values you ever find on the world wide web. Take a look at the features below. Everything should be easy to understand but if you have any question regarding the promotion, feel free to send email to

If your using the Internet, chances are you have heard of PayPal as the most trusted source in online banking. Millions use PayPal safely everyday and for 90% of my online transactions I do too. You can purchase this marketing package using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express and many other credit or debit cards. The process is fairly simple and it is also very safe. If you don't feel comfortable using your personal credit or debit card and your still not interested in joining pay pal..., then you can always purchase a pre-paid or gift Visa. After you choose the best option for you be sure too click on the purchase link below for direction to my sales page.

Keep in mind... You can also request an invoice. A very detailed invoice that I will send directly to your email listing each feature of the package. if interested email with your request.

What Do You Get:

2 Different Blog Features: - This is my personal Blog / Tribune - Music, Movies and Advice since 2008 -  This blog features only Indie Muscians since 2010. - Broadcasting Indie Music 24 hours daily since Dec. 2012
I also write for other blogs, websites, and magazines. If your interested in being featured on any more sites, blogs or publication just asked for what I have available at that present time.

Social Networking Promotion: - At least 20 different staff and affiliates will tweet your 140 character message. - My team will like your Facebook page and help drive traffic to you on Facebook -  most of us use Twitter to auto update our Myspace pages. - We send updates on Reverb Nation and Artist recommendations. We help boost your ranking on the Reverb Nation Music Charts and we send emails to our Fan Reach mailing list.

Ad Space and Back Links:

Ad Space -  I will place up to 3 of your ad banners on up to 3 different websites from our family of networks and affiliates. this can be an album cover, advertisments or any other promotional banner.

Back Links - I will have the backlink of you choice featured on atleast 3 websites from our family of networks and affiliates. This backlink will feature a text and link, linking back to your website, video etc.

3 Different Email Blast:

A Weber - Over 100,000 emails in our -auto responder mailing list. We send your promo to 20,000.

MyspaceShowtimeXposure & IndieDownloads will send emails to every friend on myspace. (over 4,200)

Reverb Nation - Fans join our reverb mailing list everyday. Our Reverb FanReach total is now over 1,200

Bonus Radio Feature on Sean Presley Radio: is still a fairly new broadcast. It all started as a podcast in the summer if 2011 but after just 10 episodes it was time to go bigger. On December 9th 2011, Presley Radio launched it's 24 hour stream. Broadcasting  all day, everyday. The show is a stepping for stone for aspiring musicians. It is a home for underground and independent bands, artist deejays and producers. take a look a what you get as a bonus courtesy of Sean Presley Radio.

Radio Spins - Your song will be added to our station rotation for the rest of the year.

Blog Feature - You can get a blog feature on featuring the song of your submission

Twitter list - you will get listed as an artist in rotation on our Presley Radio twitter page.

Audio Drop - We will record & produce an original drop to announce you before your song.

To Purchase this $50 package, click here or you can also click the paypal button below


  1. om on it. watch son as soon i do my taxes umma holla at u

  2. Hey .... I might Be your Sister...Is your Fathers name Tom, And Mothers name Kathy?

  3. thanks for your help Sean



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