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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MLB Parlay Advice

Good morning to all my hustlers grinding this week. I'm back with some more Parlay advice regarding today's Major League Baseball Games and I want to let you all know that I am available for personal consultation if you need.

Not only do I plan on sharing free betting advice for my blog readers but I am now available to take your phone calls and help each of you manage your gambling money properly.

With that said I am not going to share to many risk taking bets that I get the itch to place but instead I plan on sharing only what I believe to be guaranteed winners. I personally have over  70% WINNING PERCENTAGE with my sports picks but I would hate for any of you to bet big on my other 30 percent.

With my debut parlay of the day I suggested a 6 team parlay that would have turned $5 into $200.
personally I take those type of risks all day , everyday but for my fellowship and all you beginners out there I realized I need to be more accurate. I want all of us to win and all of our stash pots to grow. Therefore for future reference I will be sure to give each of you locks to win and I will keep the risk taking to myself.

Today we are going with a 2 team MLB Parlay. We are down to the final four in the MLB playoffs this year and both of today's picks have there backs against the wall. Today's MLB picks are the Detroit Tigers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Watching Yasiel Puig is always entertaining but usually this time of the year its a less famous face that make the unforgettable play, like what Shane Robinson did last night with the pinch hit homer to win the game. Either both team are at home and hungry for a win. Obviously 2 team parlay don't payout as much at the 6 team tickets and with today's picks $5 would only payout $9.67

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Parlay of the Day

Attention Sports Fans! Today I will be launching the debut of a new segment called the Parlay of the Day. Most you already know I recently joined Fanduel and blogged about it but long before Fantasy Football, I was placing bets on all types of sporting events. It might have started in Junior High School wagering Basketball Cards or lunch money but today I get play for real money and since I pay so much attention to the games I thought it would a great time to share my predictions with my blog readers.

Today we have some interesting action in sports. Hockey just started, Baseball is in Playoff mode and the NFL Thursday night match up should be a lot close than the general public would assume. If your really crazy like me, you can even check out the preseason NBA games. It all pays out so check out my prediction below and let me know what you think.

Todays's Parlay of the Day
     Bet $5 - Win $207.36
Detroit Red Wing (Moneyline) - 175
Oakland Athletics (+1.5 runs)  - 175
New York Giants (Moneyline) +280
Los Angeles Lakers (-1.0pt) - 110
Minnesota Timberwolves (Moneyline) - 165
Miami Heat (Moneyline) - 210

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fantasy Football with FanDuel

Good morning loved ones. Hope everyone is got off the good foot today. I have some more exciting info to share with you this morning but to be honest I am unfashionably late considering this website has been around since 2009. I'm talking about the new to me website known as, the best place in the world for all your fantasy needs. I'm talking, Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball and even Hockey. Not to mention the college sports as well. I joined the site on September 5th and a few wins later.... I'm addicted.

The truth is I am not much of a fantasy football expert. I played on ESPN and CBS a few years ago but it took a lot of time, lasted the whole season and I didn't feel to great about spending so much time and energy into sometime that have no reward or monetary value. So I actually only played that one season,.. until this now. Early September I stop by the book store to get a fantasy football magazine so I could absorb the info and use it toward my Sports Betting. However the magazine had an ad with a promo code and after hearing the radio ad on ESPN radio, I felt compelled to get it shot.

Eventually I used the promo code and got a free $5 to use toward my FanDuel experience. Obviously I feel in love and have become an avid site member but I would also like to Duel against my fellow friends, Classmates, family and social media network. Take a look at these links below and view the results from some of my entries.


See how close I came to winning big? Most of the leagues or tournaments are less than $10 bucks with some 1st place winners getting up to $4,000 cash money. All winnings can be yours in less than 24 hours and some tournaments pay up to 300 winner per contest. FanDuel even has a 3million dollar mega tournament coming up in Las Vegas this year and I strongly suggest you watch the video below and take your shot.

If you do sign up feel free to challenge me, my user name is Presley951. More Importantly be sure to use the Promo code for Simply type in the promo code "Presley" and FanDuel will automatically match your initial deposit. So if you deposit $10 bucks you will have a total of $20 bucks to play with and get this.... FanDuel ( not Presley radio ) has a %100 Money Back Guarantee. So if you don't love it, you get your money back and you get to walk away. Risk Free but if your a sports junkie like me... your risking the addiction to excitement. You can also play free games to practice and get used to the system. Don't go spending your rent money but like I said it's worth a shot.... learn, improve, win and maybe I will see you at the mega tournament in Vegas... if your both lucky. Have Fun Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ESPN Streak for the Cash

What's Up Planet Rock? Sorry it took so long for me to blog since my last entry but I have been extremely busy working on my Album and Autobiography. It has been awhile but I have a ton of exciting info to share this fall, so you can be to expect plenty of Blogger activity from me over the next few weeks. Today I want to share with you an ESPN fantasy game I have played for the past few years. I play several fantasy sport games online for cash prizes but ESPN's Streak for the Cash has certainly become one of my favorites and to be honest... it's probably the most important game available online. Not only is the game Free to play, but Today marks day one of a new Calendar month and this months Jackpot has swelled to $300,000 cash money.

The first thing you need to know about ESPN's streak for the Cash is there is a new contest each month. You basically have each calendar month to build the longest consecutive winning streak by picking from a list of selected sporting events. You Predict the winner of ONE of the listed match ups and once the match up is final you can select the winner of another match up that hasn't started yet. Build the longest winning streak each month or the most correct picks each month and you will win cash money from ESPN and Progressive Insurance.

Each month ESPN's Streak for the Cash gives away at least $50,000 to the person with the longest winning streak of that month and the September winner was undecided heading into the final night of the month, but 59-year old Bob C. from Wakefield, RI took the Rays with his crockerb Entry for a 24th straight win and finished alone atop the leader board for $50,000.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday Night Hype - Produced By Sean Presley

For those of you don't know, I (Sean Presley) have become a pretty good producer. Over the last few years I have spent countless hours with my bloodshot eyes staring at my computer monitor at 2am in the morning. During my time I taught myself everything I need to know about music.

I can produce beats, engineer vocals, I even know how to market the music once it is finished. So today I am finally opening my door to the local public and world wide web.

I am finally getting organized online and I now have a music page solely devoted to my beats and Rhymes. If you interested in hearing my beats and rhymes, check out my music page at 

Contact me at for all your inquires. I can produced beats and instrumentals for any genre of music and I am willing to work with any band or artist. I can also write songs or drop rap verse if you need. I am determined to work with almost any budget and help any indie band or underground artist that may need it. I am also available for marketing and promotional help once your project is finished. I personally have a global network but I also have over 1,000 affiliates ready to help as well.

 If you want you can choose music from my reverb nation music page or you can contact me about a custom project. Check out last nights recipe fresh out the oven. It is called Friday Night Hype and it has a bpm of 101. Let me know what you think, the beat is for sale but I honestly don't have a set price. So hit me up and be sure to follow me on twitter @Sean_Presley

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